Enchanted to meet you
i'm crying...did you know ?
Wednesday, August 8, 2012 @ 1:39 AM | 0 notes

today i'm gonna shared about my frustrated in situtaion , ohh my status now ? i'm not single , the older post is such a dreaming and the dreaming is come true :D and now he's mine ! if you want him . kiss my fool first and i'm gonna kick your pretty face ! hahahhaha *evilaugh* yeahhh....he always make me happy . and care about me same as the older post . hmm....what i'm gonna say is dear boyfriend ? please be nice with me ! i really love you just like i love myself . you're my backbone ! and good to me . everyday when i thinking of you...i gonna scream like a crazies girl and talk to the phone screens showing your cute picture . gosh ! i don't ever be like this after you belong with me...why maaa ? are you a magic boy or an angle sayang ? seriouslyyyy i love you so much , please don't leave me alone :'( only you in my heart ! why you stole my heart ? make me melting , proud of you , you give your little love and little heart . hmm.....i'm so in love with you . but why you still in contact with other girlssss ? its such a mess yknow ! text loving and so on ? you think who you are ? same like a players that game me ! ohhhhhshitt :'( but untill now i be strong and think positive , thats make me CRY ! i hope you can appriciate me , hope you can appriciate me :' )

( p/s to readers....please don't ever snatch my bf )